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The Complete Guide to Neurofeedback Brain Training

What happens during a session?

Upon arrival at the clinic, you will be brought to a private room where you sit in a comfortable chair and simply relax. Sensors are applied to your scalp and ear clips to your ears. These sensors allow Neuroptimal® to read the delicate electrical activity of your brain, much like an EKG reads your heart. You then listen to music and watch an ever-changing visual display, although you can close your eyes and tune it out if you prefer.

There are very brief pauses in the sound indicating Neuroptimal® is at work, invisibly guiding you through four unique "Zen Modes" during which the challenge to your brain is varied.

Despite the complexity, no effort is required from you during the session at all! Simply relax and enjoy the 33-minute session while your brain re-organizes itself.

How many sessions do I need?

Because everyone's central nervous system is different, it is impossible to predict exactly how your brain responds to the information Neuroptimal® provides. But because there are over 3 million hours of experience with Neuroptimal®, we can make some predictions.

You can reasonably expect to see something shift within half a dozen sessions, and for many, it is within a session or two.

How many sessions will it take to "complete" your training?

This depends partly upon your goals. If you are training to feel better quickly, you might decide after 10-12 sessions that you have made enough gains to stop. On the other hand, if you are looking for lasting changes, 20-30 sessions is a better ballpark. The good thing is you can stop anytime and always pick it up again if you so choose. For some, however, training their brain is like training their body. They want to function at their best throughout their lifetime, and they like to maintain that best even when life presents its inevitable day-to-day bumps and bruises. After a period of time, they continue with monthly sessions. Or, like many of us, they just do a session when they feel they need it.

Do the effects last?

Neuroptimal® is a learning task, like learning to ride a bike or learning how to read. Once you know, you can't "not know," so the effects do remain with you. But your brain is a living tissue, and it can get "knocked off balance" by challenges, hormonal changes, pollutants in the environment, and stresses of everyday life. When this happens, a session or two can help get you back on point, working at your optimal efficiency.

Even if you come back many years later, the brain recognizes the information it receives from Neuroptimal®. It can find its way back relatively rapidly- much more quickly than the first time you did training. So, if you did a fairly complete initial training (20-30 sessions), and then have a major challenge like an illness, the loss of a job or a relationship, or even a head injury, your brain can quickly and efficiently use the information it receives from Neuroptimal® to recognize itself and "find its way back".

What makes Neuroptimal® superior?

  • Neuroptimal® is not a game, fad, or gadget. It is a life-changing technology, solidly founded in neuroscience, that can significantly enhance the human experience.

  • Diagnostically Agnostic. Instead of targeting specific symptoms, Neuroptimal® focuses on optimizing overall brain function.

  • Non-Invasive, nothing is going into the brain except information, which the brain is designed to deal with.

  • 100% Natural

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback?

Neuroptimal® Neurofeedback is an advanced neuro-technology that offers training to the brain, enabling it to function at it's best.

How does Neuroptimal® work?

The brain has an inherent ability to self-correct when given the correct information, and Neuroptimal® is designed to provide the brain with the information it needs to make its own adjustments. Turbulence, or abrupt changes in the electrical activity in the brain, undermines optimal functioning of the brain. Neuroptimal® detects these abrupt changes and informs the brain of these sudden shifts through interruptions in the sound you are listening to. These almost imperceptible pauses invite your Central Nervous System (CNS) to pull away from this less-than-ideal path it was on. This happens over and over until the natural self-correction becomes your new normal and your brain functions more effectively and comfortably. When this happens, you sleep better, are less stressed, can focus more efficiently, and feel the joy of an easier life, despite the challenges you may face from the outside.

Why use Neuroptimal®?

Many Neuroptimal® users report life-changing results. Elite athletes have used Neuroptimal®, reporting improvement in their physical performance and mental stamina. People living with Insomnia report improved sleep. Veterans use it, stating it helps relieve the extreme challenges they face returning home from a war zone. Brain injury victims who train with Neuroptimal® tell how they've recovered more rapidly than their doctors expected. And brain training with Neuroptimal® has helped improve the lives of children with severe neuro-biological issues, communication and social challenges, and general difficulties focusing in school.

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